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All this said, I still very much enjoyed my work at ePrize. The openness to change and doing things the right way is something I will miss.
And I will miss all the great people that I worked with. You guys rock.


Thank you.

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have emailed, IMd and called me.
It means a lot to me to know that the majority of people at ePrize are good and still care.

Its a shame that one or two panicy and incompetent people can cause such an effect.

I guess the thing that makes me the most angry, is that ePrize was such an open place. See something thats wrong? Let's change it. It seemed everyone but my boss saw the energy and effort I had always put towards changing and fixing things.

Teams typically aren't inspired by fear. Or inconsistent messaging. One week we were berated for all doing a horrible job, and not taking ownership of things. The next week we were shown random "silly" pictures that she didn't even gather herself.

Trying to do the work of 3 positions with a manager who only focuses on the negative of each is a difficult way to go.

All this said, I still very much enjoyed my work at ePrize. The openness to change and doing things the right way is something I will miss.
And I will miss all the great people that I worked with. You guys rock.


It was fun.

Well, it was fun ePrize.
I did the best I could to try and help you and fix you while I was there.
I leave you my legacy of smart clip preloaders, ascii code squirrels and all my blood sweat and tears.

I wish you good luck, with my deepest apologies to the rest of the flash team. You guys are gonna have a lot on your plates for a while.

Peace. Keep the change going. Don't let them make it a factory.


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im surprised by 2 things:

a. that people are still reading this blog

2. that people are still posting the other blog

live your lives with the empowerment that your happiness has nothing at all to do with your job or this blog.
go now.
be happy.

for me

change thru change

I apologize if some of the recent posts here seem obtuse.
i've been using this space more for personal view points than the original goal of this site.
why i like working at eprize.

but wait, thats personal, you say.
it is, and it isn't. its business.
and one of the things i have always respected and liked at eprize is the no-nonsense approach to things.
there isn't time to mess around with BS.

does BS exist? of course.
but it is usually weeded out, or dies out, quickly.

is eprize hunting for these weeds?
most of the people that I work with at eprize focus on the positive.
how good the lawn looks. even with weeds (if we notice)

ive never felt i had to work so hard to justify myself to a company that i love working for.


is this still on?

ePrize is me.
i am ePrize.
i just realized it now.
and it will always be true.

[a kit = f buecufuc †®figr gere tn¥†® hunj]

the initial effort is always the hardest
when you question the direction.

you must study trust
and pass it along
trust and energy
friends share energy
zoo lunch


Always Know Yourself

"Sail, up the stream, travel far... but always get out of the storm"
- jesus jones, wishing it away

The energy is weird right now. Quantity not quality. "I want to work for the best promotions agency, not the biggest", if I may quote myself. after giving 200% what is left? I shouldn't feel like I have to fight to keep working at a place I love.

I have never claimed to have all the answers.
I have never claimed to always be right.
I have always been 100% honest.
I have always tried my hardest to make things the best they can be.
I have always gone out of my way to help.

here is the rest of the song. more correct. it just struck me as appropriate.

Live fast die young, the words of a fool it seems
Hell bent getting there, seeing nothing on the way
Where are you now, when all eyes would be on you
Dumbstruck, disappeared, leaving everything to do

You were wishing it away

Sail up the stream travel so far
But always get out of the boat
Sail up the stream travel far
But always leave the boat

Here in my hands; all that I could wish for
Timebomed, stick around see it all go up in smoke
With these very hands, I'll pull it all apart
I know in the end it'll sound like some sad joke
'Cos I'll be wishing it away

Wishing it away
Wishing it away

Nothing is sacred, not life nor hapiness
Least of all is the world that we live in unless we make it pay

We're wishing it away